Interactive Content has never been more accessible to everyone! company news: Interactive Content has never been more accessible

We are happy to announce our new subscription plans that enable any organization to create Interactive Content

Aarhus, February 2023., the leading Interactive Content platform, has now made Interactive Content accessible to all businesses, budgets, and needs. The company has introduced new subscription plans that enable any organization to create engaging Interactive Experiences, starting at monthly payment as low as $200.

As of February 2023, has launched new subscriptions. Companies can now purchase Basic, Premium, Enterprise, or Agency subscriptions.

Who are the Basic subscriptions for?

The Basic subscriptions are for small to medium sized companies that want to create Interactive Content on their own at lower prices. These subscriptions enable businesses to use a template and customize it easily to build their branded experiences. When you choose to purchase a Basic subscription, you get access to up to 12 Interactive Experience types.

Who are the Premium subscriptions for?

The Premium subscriptions enable medium to large companies to create Interactive Content at scale, using’s dedicated training, customer support, and agency services. The Premium subscriptions open doors to more than 18 types of Interactive Experiences – from simple Polls and Surveys to sophisticated Interactive Videos and Interactive Flipbooks.

Who are the Enterprise subscriptions for?

The Enterprise custom subscriptions let large organizations use Interactive Content and share campaigns across brands, units, and countries.

Who are the Agencies subscriptions for?

Lastly, agencies and resellers can collaborate with to help spread the word about Interactive Content. We have two agency programs: an organization can either become an Interactive Content advocate and get commissions or create and resell Interactive Experiences and campaigns.

About is a flexible yet easy-to-use no-code Interactive Content platform with more than 18 types of Interactive Experiences and 250+ ready-to-be-customized templates. The company exists to shorten the distance between getting an idea and making it available for everyone to enjoy online. Today, global brands use to create Interactive Content that engages, educates, and entertains their audiences.

If you want to create Interactive Content, explore’s pricing model and pick the subscription that best suits your situation.

For more information, any questions, suggestions, feedback, or comments, please email us at

If you would like to explore the endless possibilities with Interactive Content and what else you can do with, please create a free account and get creative with our templates.

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