Product Finder Wine Template

embedded product finder wine template

Drive sales by helping customers find the wine that they actually like with Product Finder Wine!

This template helps you boost sales and engagement by providing accurate product recommendations. What is great about Embedded Product Finder Wine is the opportunity to collect valuable consumer insights. As your visitors answer questions about their preferences, you gather zero-party data. On top of that, you promote your products at the end of the questionnaire along with the product recommendation.

This experience consists of five questions about food and taste preferences. When participants choose their favorite desserts, teas, scents, fruits, and meals, they filter down the wine bottle selection that matches their taste. As a result, they received a customized list of wine recommendations. The template also allows for going back and changing answers if necessary. Once your customers review their product tailored suggestions, they can add them to their basket.

The Product Finder Wine is the perfect template for promoting products, generating leads, and collecting invaluable customer insights through zero-party data. This Interactive Experience is particularly suitable for the retail and B2C industries.

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