Makeup Matcher Template

Give your customers a personalized makeup routine recommendation with Makeup Matcher!

This Guided Selling template is the ideal template for your eCommerce business. Your customers get a personalized makeup routine recommendation in just a few clicks. Therefore, you can create an excellent product promotion within the Interactive Experience. In addition, you can offer a discount code at the end of the experience to boost sales. This template can also help you enhance your product bundling strategy, as it suggests multiple products at the same time.

Makeup Matcher consists of six simple questions about the participant’s preferences and conditions. Among other things, they specify their skin type and preferred makeup look. As a result, visitors receive an accurate bundle products suggestion. The best thing from a customer perspective is receiving a discount code for their matching beauty products.

The purposes of using this Guided Selling template include:

  • Guide and advise;
  • Generate leads;
  • Collect customer data;
  • Boost sales

Makeup Matcher is perfect for retail and B2C companies. The beauty care industry continues to grow. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost sales as the market expands!

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