GoCardless and Dot.vu create Interactive Content together

GoCardless and Dot.vu create Interactive Content together

GoCardless, a global leader in account-to-account payments, goes interactive with Dot.vu  

Collecting payments from customers can be a very time-consuming process. Moreover, delayed or failed payments can have a significant impact on your business’s cash flow. These are issues that GoCardless, our newest client, solves with their technology platform.  

The company makes it easier to avoid payment failures and collect recurring, one-off, and variable payments from customers around the world. The platform’s users have reduced debtor days, saved loads of time, and avoided uncomfortable conversations with clients.  

We are thrilled to support the global leader in account-to-account payments in its mission to take the pain out of getting paid late.  

For more information, please contact us via: info@dot.vu  

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Company information

GoCardless processes US$30B billion in transactions across 30 countries. The global payments and technology platform makes collecting one-off and recurring payments a much easier task. The company’s core values lie in integrity, diversity, and inclusion.  

Learn more about GoCardless here.  

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