Black Week Popup Template

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Get the maximum profit in November with this Black Week Popup!

This template is perfect for completing the customer journey on Black Friday. When visitors land on your website looking for discounts, you can offer them exclusive deals via the popup.

This is how the Black Week Popup works:

  • After the visitor has spent a certain amount of time on the page, the popup loads. You can preselect the trigger when creating the project.
  • Users must provide their names and email addresses to get the offer.
  • Once they have submitted the lead form, your visitors get a discount code on your products. The CTA button below the discount code can lead them to the product category page.

The Black Week Popup is perfect for:

  • Generating email leads: as your visitors fill out a lead form to get their deals, you get to generate leads.
  • Boosting sales: giving discount codes incentivizes purchases, thus turning prospects into buyers.

Do you want to target your audience with a well-timed, relevant popup for Black Friday? Redesigning this template to fit your brand identity is easy. With our Interactive Content platform, you can do it without writing a single line of code. Create an account and try now:

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