Advent Calendar with Scratch Cards Template Advent Calendar with Scratch Cards template

Generate more leads this holiday season!

This holiday-themed template is an Advent Calendar with Scratch Cards. Before your customers can start participating, they must register with their name and email address. During the 25 days leading up to Christmas, your customers can unlock a new field every day. Behind every field, there is Scratch Card hidden. Upon scratching the Scratch Card free, a prize, e.g. a discount code or gift, will reveal itself. To receive the gift, your customers will have to fill out a winner form with further information for you to register their delivery address.

The Advent Calendar with Scratch Cards engages customers to come back daily, as they need to unlock one field each day. Use this template for your next Christmas campaign to engage and reward your customers every day. This template is ideal if your goal is to generate more leads during the holiday season and gain your customers’ loyalty.

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