3-Category Assessment Template

Dot.vu new template 3-Category Assessment

Evaluate your customer’s knowledge with a 3-Category Assessment!

This 3-Category Assessment template will help you evaluate your customer knowledge, competencies, or specific information and collect valuable data.

The Interactive Assessment contains nine different questions, divided into three categories with three questions each and four answer options. Each answer option allows your customers to collect points. Once your customers have answered all questions, they can see their results and conclusions of the 3-Category Assessment. If your customers require more information, they can follow the CTA button to your website or follow you on social media.

This Assessment template is ideal for helping your customers evaluate their knowledge, competencies, or specific information, as they receive customized feedback based on their answers. Moreover, you can collect valuable first- and zero-party data, giving you customer insights into their needs gaps, and you can create more targeted and personalized marketing activities.

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