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New Report Addon

Collect assorted data from your Interactive Experience and store it in a unified way!

The Report Addon will enable you to collect assorted data generated by your Interactive Experience and store it in a unified way. With this add-on, you can export the collected data in a CSV form anytime you want. The data collected by the Report Addon is not tied to any visitor, contact, etc. You can use it to compile any data generated by your Interactive Experience to learn more about your customers and their behavior or other important metrics to measure the outcome of your project.

For instance, in your Interactive Experience, such as a Marketing Game, you could include a lead form, so participants have to register before the game begins or afterward to claim the prize. By default,’s Lead Forms group data by visitor. Hence, you only get the last submission if a visitor submits the lead form twice. However, with the Report Addon, you can store and view each submission of the Lead Form.

Another example is, let’s say, you have an Interactive Experience where your customers participate in a Quiz, and you want to know the specific questions answered correctly. With the Quiz App, you are already able to get this information. However, with the Report Addon, you can also collect other data related to a specific question, such as the response time, the number of correct answers so far, how fast they did the Quiz, etc.

With the Report Addon, you can collect loads of other valuable pieces of information, which can help you learn more about your customer (e.g., needs, preferences, demographic information, etc.). With the data you collect, you can optimize your future Interactive Experiences, and hence, your business and marketing activities.

Read more about Report Addon in our help article and learn how to get started with it!

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