is changing the Interactive Flipbook landscape 

As the platform the pioneered Interactive Flipbooks years ago, is excited to announce a significant breakthrough in the world of Interactive Content. 

Now, we redefined Interactive Flipbooks! is the only platform that enables the creation of flipbooks where every page is an Interactive Experience that resonates, reacts, and evolves with the reader. 

Today, we’re excited to introduce an even more streamlined creation process. Without the need for design experience, we’re transforming how Interactive Flipbooks are made, making it simpler than ever for marketers to bring their visions to life. Our updated platform now allows you to turn your PDF into an Interactive Flipbook with just a few clicks. This includes adding interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and videos directly within your flipbook pages. 

What is new?  

You can now easily upload your PDF or use extremely user-friendly templates and create an Interactive Flipbook with no design experience. By drawing inspiration from our templates and easily dragging and dropping engaging elements, you can create a stunning, immersive, and personalized Interactive Flipbook. 

Join us in this exclusive interview with’s CEO, Casper Kandelsdorff, as we delve into how these innovations empower users to create unparalleled online content that engages and converts.   

We were inspired by the evolving challenges in today’s digital content landscape. The era of static content is behind us, as the shift in media consumption demands more from us. In a world where high-quality media is not just available but expected, audiences crave not to be mere spectators but active participants. They seek content that resonates on a personal level, tailored to their shrinking attention spans and constantly evolving interests. 

With their lifelike page-flipping effects and dynamic interactive elements, Interactive Flipbooks offer an experience that goes beyond traditional eBooks or documents. Our goal? To empower marketers to craft these immersive flipbooks effortlessly, without the constraints of external assistance. This is the future we envision, where engaging, Interactive Content is accessible to all. 

Here are 3 expectations I would like to mention: 

  • Accessibility. High-quality Interactive Content will be more accessible than ever before, challenging businesses to upgrade their content to meet customer demands 
  • Sustainability in marketing. Flipbooks are an attractive alternative to printed materials 
  • Innovation in content creation. Our flipbooks allow for the integration of various Interactive Experiences – quizzes, int. Videos, games, calculators, etc – into a cohesive narrative; this opens the stage for truly unique marketing content  

Our mission is about shortening the distance between getting an idea and making it available for everyone to enjoy online. Thanks to our latest flipbook creation update, marketers can easily turn their wildest ideas into reality, turning documents and eBooks into true Interactive Experiences.  

Our ready-to-be-customized templates are game-changers for anyone who hesitates at the thought of design work. We’ve made it so that even those with minimal design talent can produce stunning, engaging flipbooks, breaking down barriers to creative expression.  

Another great thing about Interactive Flipbooks is the ability to collect data. Think of your PDFs: apart from downloads, what else do you know about their performance? With Interactive Flipbooks, you can track exactly how users interact with the content: which elements do they click on, what experiences they engage with, and even what answers they give to your surveys, polls, and quizzes, all in a single analytics dashboard!  

Understanding how your flipbooks perform empowers marketers to prove value and improve their content ongoingly, for example by enhancing the parts that don’t perform so well.  

Companies can create interactive manuals, guides, eBooks, or even turn their onboarding materials or annuals reports into flipbooks full of Interactive Experiences that turn passive readers into engaged participants. For instance, a flipbook can include a Branching Video where users change the story’s narrative as they wish. Furthermore, with, you can also connect to your product feed, enabling you to enhance your product catalogs with ease.  

Our platform redefines the creation of Interactive Flipbooks, transcending the ordinary with more than just clickable buttons and animations. At our core, we believe interactivity extends far beyond mere visual appeal or simple clickable elements. It’s about making the user an active part of the experience, empowering them to make decisions, engage in conversations, play games, and influence video narratives, among other interactive possibilities. takes flipbooks even further by enabling personalization in real time. Just imagine the content of your flipbook changing according to viewers’ answers to a quiz or input form, for example!  

With, the possibilities are endless. Our platform has enabled clients to incorporate a variety of engaging features into their flipbooks, including quizzes, gamification elements, Interactive Videos, Product Recommenders, and Personality Tests. These examples showcase just a fraction of the interactive potential available for enriching your flipbook.  

The most thrilling part for me is witnessing the barriers to creative content creation being dismantled. Knowing that our platform will enable marketers worldwide to easily craft high-quality, Interactive Experiences is incredibly fulfilling.  

We use Interactive Flipbooks to create personalized sales presentations, our own content marketing materials and training materials.  

Turning your documents, catalogs, or training materials into immersive, Interactive Experiences has never been easier. 2024 is the time to move beyond static content and embrace flipbooks where every page resonates, reacts, and evolves with the reader. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to lead your industry with next-generation Interactive Flipbooks. 

Anyone can create a free account on and access our Interactive Flipbook templates or use the editor to start from scratch by uploading their PDF files. 

Ready to transform your static PDFs, product catalogs, or training materials into powerful content? Explore our customizable templates or effortlessly convert your PDFs into engaging Interactive Flipbooks that are sure to make heads turn!

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