Singles’ Day Personalized Offers Template Singles' Day Personalized Offers Template

Inspire your customers with personalized offers!

The Singles’ Day Personalized Offers template is a Product Recommender, which helps you suggest products to your customers. Particularly, this template recommends jewelry based on your customers’ answers. It can be in terms of a product category (earrings, necklace, bracelet), material (silver, gold, mixed), and your customers’ budget. During the experience, you can add inspirational quotes, which customers can share directly to their social media profiles. Moreover, at the end of the experience, the template offers product recommendations based on the customer’s needs, showing an image, each product’s name, and price. In the end, the CTA button with “buy” will take customers to your website to purchase products directly.

The Singles’ Day Personalized Offers template is ideal for giving your customers a personalized and delightful experience to choose the right product, inspire them and overall increase your sales.

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