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The new Lazy Loading feature helps you improve your website’s loading performance

A Lazy Loading feature is an optimization technique commonly used on the web to delay the initialization of resources until they are necessary. This improves loading performance by saving the device’s resources and network bandwidth.

A practical use case for lazy loading is the following: You have a big web page where at the bottom you have a gallery of images. In normal cases, all images of the gallery will load automatically when the page is loaded. If your gallery has a lot of images it will even block critical resources from being downloaded. This will impose an even greater delay until your page is ready to be used. Ideally, you only want to load an image when that image is about to appear on the user’s screen. Thus, in this case, if the user never reaches the bottom of the page, there is no need for the gallery images to be downloaded and loaded.

With, you can enable the Lazy Loading technique for lazy loading images. This will work for all background images plus all image components displayed when an experience is loaded. Learn in our help center article how to:

  • enable Lazy Loading images
  • set a Lazy Loading mode
  • use Lazy Loading images
  • benefit from it

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