B2B Product Recommender

Dot.vu B2B Product Recommender new template

Guide your customers towards the right product!

The minimalistic B2B Product Recommender template includes a flexible and intricate filtering system that supports almost any specific need. Moreover, the template consists of numerous visual subtleties, featuring a full-page slider and button and navigation animations. Choose three of your best products to recommend to the customers, depending on their needs, and let them leave you a message with their data collected, ready for export into your CRM system.
To get a product recommended, your customers must answer four questions for you to create a product recommendation. After answering all questions with their individual needs, they get three offers, some valuable information on the products themselves. Moreover, it includes a call-to-action, so your customers can contact you for a quote and further information on the products.

This minimalistic 4-step B2B Product Recommender template is ideal for guiding your customers towards the right product and creating a database of customer requests using a long message lead form.

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