Explore the newest addon on Dot.vu: Code Addon  

Boost your Interactive Content projects with the new Code Addon 

The Code Addon allows you to add custom JavaScript to one or more of your projects. You can use it to enhance your Interactive Experiences by incorporating some custom technical elements without needing deep technical knowledge yourself.  

For example, you can use the newest Code Addon to:  

  • Integrate with 3rd party scripts like external analytics;
  • Perform calculations for your calculator projects;
  • Manage advanced business logic with internal state, meaning you can set up certain actions or automated triggers based on user behavior or data input;
  • Use the same set of scripts across different projects to save time.

In essence, the Code Addon offers you a way to incorporate specialized, technical functionalities into your marketing projects in a user-friendly manner.  

How is the Code Addon different from the Code Component?  

If you are familiar with our Code Component, you might ask yourself: what is the difference between the two?  

The Code Component is a visible element you place within your project’s layout, allowing you to add custom-coded content like Marketing Games using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

In contrast, the Code Addon operates behind the scenes, executing only JavaScript for tasks like analytics integration or calculations. A key advantage of the Code Addon is its global functionality, meaning you can create it once and use it across multiple projects, ensuring consistency and efficiency. 

You can learn more about the Code Addon and find more detailed guidance and examples in this help article.  

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